The Internet Did Not React Kindly To Kate Upton’s National Anthem Thoughts

Stereotypes can be misleading and unfair. For instance, when it comes to runway models, many are quick to assume that women like Kate Upton lack intelligence what they make up for in attractiveness — that’s a battle beautiful people like us have to fight every day.

Although on Sunday, Upton may have revealed herself as just the latest famous person that doesn’t understand the concept of freedom as it pertains to flags, anthems and the United States.

In a follow-up tweet, she let the world know she doesn’t quite grasp the concept of “whenever u want.”

As if the problem was the social media platform and not her naivety, she jumped to Instagram to reinforce her bad point.

After Soledad O’Brien landed an elbow off the top rope, Upton kept going, which may show she was either by herself or she lacks the friends who should have said, “Maybe tap out and let’s watch the Sunday Night game together.”

It’s been three weeks since the world became aware of Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest during the Star-Spangled Banner, so the internet has had plenty of time to sharpen its claws when it comes to responding to people who say things along the lines of, “I believe you should have the freedom to do as you wish in this country but not at this specific time.”

First, there was the obvious blind spot in Upton’s take that missed the part where racial inequality was at the heart of the protest.

There were some critiques of her acting.

Then there was the obvious flaw in logic with that “whenever u want” tweet, which was basically like setting up an 8-foot rim for LeBron James to dunk on.

Really, it’s just an endless stream of tweets that slide into one of those three categories. Usually the reaction to tweets like those are more comical, but when you drop a tweet that hot on the anniversary of 9/11, you get more vitriol than jokes. Hopefully, this doesn’t affect Upton’s ability to be our nation’s foremost authority on being a mobile video-game spokesperson.