People Seem To Be Upset With Kate Upton’s Super Bowl Ad For Mercedes

By now, you’re probably aware that Mercedes signed With Leather’s 2011, 2012 (and pretty much every year beyond that until the end of time or she turns 30) Celebrity Sports Fan of the Year Kate Upton for its Super Bowl ad campaign, and today we’ve finally been gifted with a teaser ad. And right from the start, Mercedes grabs my attention, flips it over and shakes all of the money from its pockets with this disclaimer:

Of course, we’d be pretty shocked if a classy automobile manufacturer like Mercedes went the Carl’s Jr. route instead of bringing something a little more clever to the party. Needless to say, Mercedes had that in mind. Sorry to disappoint, fellas.

And people are certainly disappointed. Not because Kate isn’t soaking up her assets, but because Mercedes even had to stoop as low as to have her in a commercial at all. Just check out some of these Facebook comments:

The car is sexy enough, the contrived nature of the ad wasn’t necessary

“…don’t objectify me! Just give me money so I can stay beautiful…”

Why stoop to that level of advertising? Tsk, tsk.

Eh. Could have used a better outfit for Kate. And Sandals?! Sandals do not scream sexy. Sweet ride though. C’mon MB, you guys can do much better than this.

I thought Mercedes Benz had more class than that

They Coulve Had Someone Wayyy Sexier Like, Victoria Secret Model Gisel Budchen Or Brooklyn Decker Both Gorgeous Women!!!

Eh. She’s so vanilla. There are much hotter women out there that would have been better representatives for MB and its message–which I sort of thought was sophisticated sexiness. She’s like a sports and a beer type of girl.

I will be humiliated if the superbowl spot is anything like this.

Embarrassing execution. Horrible ad…..just plain stupid.

And now, I present my official response to those and the many other complaints:

(H/T to Hypervocal)