Katy Perry Makes The NHL More Exciting

03.11.13 6 years ago 16 Comments

Last week, ESPN finally gave the NHL some much-needed coverage, except that it wasn’t good coverage and it involved Stephen A. Smith pretending to be an expert on something that he knows nothing about. Basically, Screamin’ A wrongly compared the Chicago Blackhawks’ incredible points streak to the Miami Heat’s winning streak, which would be like me comparing Kate Upton’s breast size to Stacy Keibler’s legs, in that they’re both incredible and worthy of discussion but they have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

But whether ESPN was using SAS to further the network’s anti-NHL agenda or it was just a drive-by nut punch to a sport that desperately needs better ratings, it got us talking about hockey for at least a few minutes. I’ve long argued*, though, that the NHL needs to add some serious star power if it wants to re-emerge as one of America’s premier sports, and the league should be showcasing celebrity fans like Paulina Gretzky, Carrie Underwood, Elisha Cuthbert and Hillary Duff, among others, in order to bring more fans around.

And now we can add Katy Perry to that list since she’s suddenly a big Los Angeles Kings fan.

Except, instead of sitting Perry in a private box, she should be right next to the ice like our old friend and adult film actress Tay Stevens was during last year’s Stanley Cup Finals. Now, I’m not saying that Perry needs to be pressing her chest against the glass in order to draw attention to herself, nor should she act like the awesome female Vancouver Canucks fans.

But it wouldn’t hurt if she wore her zany outfits to games while showing her pride for the Kings, perhaps like this:

Much better, Katy.

*I haven’t, but it sounds more genuine when I say that I have.

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