Workers At Kauffman Stadium Were Caught Playing ‘Mario Kart’ On The Video Board

Tom Martin on Twitter

There have been plenty of videos of people playing video games on a comically large screen that have made the rounds. Breweries let you play NES games projected on their walls if you know the right place, and videos of people playing Madden on big boards hanging over, say, NFL football fields are all the rage.

But there’s something about catching someone playing a video game where they should not that’s uniquely charming. That was certainly the case on Tuesday when someone playing video games at a baseball stadium quickly made the rounds online.

Tom Martin is an excellent broadcaster for KCTV in Kansas City and shared a video his station obtained when they took a helicopter up above the stadium complex in the city. The TV station was looking for some footage of the park during the offseason, but instead caught someone playing Mario Kart on the stadium’s centerfield big board.

It looks like someone playing with Mario had a good run there, so congratulations to them. We’re pretty sure that’s a Nintendo Switch version of Mario Kart, so it would be especially jarring to take the Switch off the dock and go from a crown-shaped big board to the 6.2-inch screen between their two hands.

Either way, working in sports sure has its perks.