Keith Olbermann Had To Give Sports A Talkin’ To About 9/11

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09.12.13 18 Comments

Yesterday when former New York Mets and Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine used 9/11 to throw shade at the New York Yankees, we hoped and wondered aloud that that’d be the worst of it, and sports wouldn’t act like such a bunch of idiots about a national tragedy. And sure, while Bobby’s comments might still be the worst of it, we were not surprised to learn that our hopes were hopeless, and that lots and lots of people were racing to join him at the bottom.

And hey, nobody loves judging the stupid shit of bottom-feeding sports guys as much as Keith Olbermann!

In this clip you totally expected from ‘Olbermann,’ the titular Olber Man derides the Los Angeles Lakers for their “Kobe Bryant used to have hair” 9/11 tweet, discusses the ridiculousness of the Bear Bryant’s hat meme, derides Major League Baseball for their hypocrisy — Olbermann cannot go more than 40 minutes without saying the word “hypocrisy” or he’ll die — and more. The golf course offering nine holes of golf for $9.11 truly is the best of the worst.

“So Bobby Valentine, SIR,” etc.

It’s fun to toss grief at Keith, especially when he’s namedropping Deadspin for cheap heat, but he’s right, and hopefully these teams, organizations and PR types learned their lesson before yesterday afternoon before Keith Olbermann said for them to.

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