Keith Olbermann Took Down The Sochi Opening Ceremony’s Three Worst People

Keith Olbermann’s had a field day with the 2014 Winter Olympics so far, compiling all the worst pre-Olympics blunders into one epic rant and giving the Sochi stray dog murder-a-thon the treatment it deserves.

On Friday’s edition of Olbermann, Keith picked out the Olympics edition of the World’s Worst In Sports, highlighting three people who’ve made the Sochi Opening Ceremony especially awful. On the list: the face-planting Austrian team, the people who stood around with camera but didn’t film the face-planting Austrian team, and Irina Rodnina, the figure skater who lit the Olympic torch and also kinda-sorta tweeted a super racist photoshop of the Obamas.

I’m just sad the creepy robot bear didn’t make the cut. Ah well, maybe on Monday.

Olbermann also gave us an update on that whole “get rid of the dogs” situation, which probably isn’t getting better any time soon.

Next time let’s just skip the middleman, get Keyboard Cat to light the torch and hold the games in Felicia Day’s basement.