Ken Jennings Was Delighted To Tell Alex Trebek ‘OK Boomer’ During The ‘Jeopardy!’ GOAT Tournament

Ken Jennings is sitting pretty through three nights of the highly-anticipated Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time tournament. Jennings has two wins in the first-to-three competition, with James Holzhauer hot on his heels with one and Brad Rutter bringing up the rear with zero. He was able to pull ahead in the competition on Thursday, as he blew out his two foes to put himself one win away from $1 million and bragging rights for the rest of time.

Jennings was locked in during night three, and between a dominant first game and some luck with which competitor snagged the Daily Doubles in the second, he came out on top. He also got to do something that he’s always loved to do whenever he’s appeared on the show: playfully prod Alex Trebek.

The show’s beloved host read one answer during the night’s second game, and as he got called on, Jennings had a smile on his face. He responded correctly, but first, made clear that he was overjoyed with the phrase that was about to come out of his mouth.

“I get to say it to Alex!” Jennings proclaimed as his opponents giggled. “What is ‘OK Boomer’?”

Trebek, realizing that Jennings was extremely happy with this one, thanked him for his answer, while the crowd laughed at the exchange. Despite the big payday on the line, perhaps the best thing about the tournament has been the extent to which all three competitors have had fun, especially when they’ve gotten the chance to roast the person who has long been the face of the program.