A Kentucky Basketball Fan Has Tempted Fate With A Giant ‘40-0’ Tattoo On His Leg

Rock Wright is a confident Kentucky basketball fan. In fact, he’s so confident that he decided to get a tattoo on his leg indicating they’re already the 2015 National Champions with a perfect 40-0 record.

Of course, his tattoo is a bit premature because, as of this writing, Kentucky still has to win five more times!

It’s universally understood that Kentucky is the favorite to win the National Championship after cruising through the regular season and SEC tournament with a perfect 34-0 record, but as our resident basketball expert Martin Rickman pointed out on Tuesday, “This is college basketball we’re talking about, where the best team doesn’t always win, and weird things happen constantly. Whenever you’re playing a sport on short timeframes with a lot of pressure involving human beings who use milk crates as furniture and steal their silverware from the dining hall, [an unexpected loss by the odds-on favorite can] happen.”

If Kentucky loses, maybe he can add the word “Almost” in parenthesis at the bottom.