Kentucky’s Football Managers Made A Parody Of The ‘Full House’ Intro

There’s been a lot of Full House news over the last few days. Ever since John Stamos confirmed that the beloved ’90s sitcom would be making a comeback on Netflix, there has seemingly been a new development every day.

Today, Kentucky football’s managers used the show’s theme song for their, uh, “sitcom,” tentatively titled Manager Manual. It’s a silly video, and while it doesn’t have the scenic views of San Francisco, it does feature some dudes riding in a pickup truck and sitting in an equipment room in Kentucky, which is almost the same thing.

Extra points to everyone for knowing that the most important part of any ’90s sitcom theme song is the moment where you turn to the camera and smile while your name flashes on the screen. Nostalgia is a fantastic thing.

[via Lost Lettermen]