Kevin Love Was More Excited About ‘Game Of Thrones’ Than Beating The Hawks

05.08.16 3 years ago

The Cleveland Cavaliers wrapped up their Eastern Conference Semifinals series against the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday with a 100-99 victory thanks to 27 points from Kevin Love. Love was probably pretty psyched about his eight three-pointers after the game, but if the smile from the clip above is to be believed, he’s probably pretty psyched it was a day game, too.

See, apparently Love is just as big a Game of Thrones fan as you and I and everyone else we know. And with the Raptors and Heat not playing again until tomorrow, there’s no Eastern Conference opponent to watch, either. That means you’ll find Love on his couch tonight, watching to see what becomes of Jon Snow just like the rest of you.

Yeah, yeah, the Cavs are back in the Eastern Conference Finals. I’m sure there’s lots of things people want to know about this team and their newfound chemistry, but right now, it looks like the Raptors and Heat could easily go seven games. There’s plenty of time to discuss all that. JUST LET KEVIN LOVE GO HOME, MEDIA! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO WATCH IT TOO!

So enjoy your Sunday night, Kevin. Tomorrow it’ll be back to work, and I’m sure you’ll want to watch the Toronto-Miami game. But tonight…tonight, Westeros can be yours.

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