A Boy Named Kim Sings ‘A Boy Named Sue’

Pro Wrestling Editor

‘A Boy Named Sue’ is a Shel Silverstein poem turned Johnny Cash classic about a deadbeat dad who abandons his family, but leaves his son with a lady’s name to make sure he’ll be tough. Who could understand this turmoil as well as a guy named Kim?

Out for breakfast at Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis before shootaround, rookie Kim English amazed the crowd with a rendition of “A Boy Named Sue” by the one and only Johnny Cash.

As Ball Don’t Lie notes, the karaoke took place on Saturday before Detroit’s 107-101 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. English earned a DNP for that game. So hey, maybe his appropriateness and singing skills won’t translate to more playing time, but maybe he’ll get to open for Shane Battier on the South Beach Battioke cruise.

I really want Kim English to be a star now, just so he can start doing karaoke version of songs from ‘American Recordings’ when he turns 38.

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