Kimbo Slice Can’t Beat Up Fighters, Tries Football Players

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05.18.11 3 Comments

In May of last year, monstrous hobo turned Internet sensation turned disappointing punching bag Kimbo Slice lost a UFC bout to Matt Mitrione by TKO and was cut from the company. He used his time away to film a “Drake and Josh” Christmas special and about forty movies where he’s in prison and has a bunch of guns, but now he’s setting his sights on a return to the world of competitive fighting — by calling out Ray Edwards of the Minnesota Vikings.

The challenge makes a little sense when you learn how Edwards has been taking on boxing matches to bring in cash during the lockout (because I guess Vaudeville doesn’t exist anymore), but still.

“I’ll tell you right now on the air, I’ve called Mike Riley to get in touch with Ray Edwards’ people and I’ve made an open challenge to come fight Kimbo Slice. That fight I will deliver,” former EliteXC vice president Jared Shaw told MMAWeekly Radio.

“If Ray Edwards wants to step up and fight Kimbo Slice I will deliver that to the public. There’s two guys that come from athletic backgrounds, that haven’t been in the ring that many times, so let’s see two big boys bang it out. If Ray Edwards thinks he’s a great boxer, then maybe he thinks he can go through Kevin Ferguson very quickly.”

The comments continue, and I think we can all agree that they are no homoerotic at all.

“Some people will call it a circus, but you can call it whatever you want … It’s two guys who are willing to get in the ring and bang it out. I don’t really call that a circus.”

I uh, I guess I wouldn’t call that a circus either.

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