09.25.08 10 years ago 14 Comments

Kimbo Slice had the chance to punch “magician” David Blaine in the stomach during Blaine’s TV special last night, and this is an obvious bit of fakery.  Blaine barely even flinches.  So the only possible explanations are that (a) David Blaine is a badass who can take a punch from Kimbo Slice, or (b) it’s complete bullshit.

If Blaine could possibly suck any more, please, someone, let me know how that’s possible.  He speaks in a contrived monotone that’s obviously way deeper than his actual voice, like if Stephen Wright were unfunny and a huge douchebag.  Oh, and Houdini didn’t die from a punch.  So basically this video is a huge waste of time.  Sorry about that.

[Awful Announcing]

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