Kobe Bryant And Michael Jordan Are The Same Person. No, Seriously, We Have Video

08.29.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

In a video that’s destroying the Internet today (we got it from Sports Glory, but it originated at 2012 Mamba), the old “Is Kobe Bryant better than Michael Jordan?” argument (also known as the “nobody is better than Michael Jordan” argument) gets a new look with two minutes of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan making identical shots. Identical shots. And while you could probably dig through enough NBA footage to find two minutes of Jordan making the same shots as, I don’t know, Carlos Delfino, it’s still pretty mesmerizing to watch.

An important thing to remember is that timing, memories and cultural impact have a lot to do with who fans think is the “greatest” anything. It’s also important to remember that an increase in competition, changes in style of play and even performance enhancing drugs (and drug regulations) are almost always ignored when modern players try to win these arguments. Is Barry Bonds better than Babe Ruth? Barry’s stats are better, and Babe never had to play pro ball against black people, but STEROIDS YOU GUYS and Babe was also a great pitcher and what, are you kidding me?

Is there a way for us to eventually say as a sports-people, “okay, this guy is better than the previous best player ever”? How does that even happen? Let us know what you think in the comments. Insulting Scottie Pippen gets you bonus points.

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