Warning: Kris Humphries Is Being Funny Again

At long last, Brooklyn Nets player of note Kris Humphries is returning to the world of comedy. You may remember him from his previous attempts at being funny, which include Funny Or Die’s ‘Kris Humphries Is A Douchebag’ and that time his wife got impregnated by Kanye West.

Humphries joins James Harden in a Super Bowl ad for Foot Locker that leaked (cough) today. Here’s the plot: James Harden is cool, and if you make him mad by rewearing a pair of shoes, he’ll force you to hang out with Kris Humphries. I don’t know.

CBS rejected a commercial for PornHub but lets Kris Humphries slide? Somebody at that network needs to get their priorities straight.

[h/t to everyone on Earth, and anyone with a television for the next 6-8 weeks]