Was Last Night’s NCAA Championship Loss John Calipari’s Final Game With Kentucky?

The University of Connecticut Huskies are the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions after defeating the Kentucky Wildcats 60-54 in a game that hopefully caused all of the residents on one very specific UConn dorm floor to lose their minds last night. But thanks to former Kentucky star Rex Chapman, the focus of the Wildcats’ loss is less about this team’s bright future – at least the players that aren’t one and done – and more about John Calipari’s future with the program. Before the game began last night, Chapman Tweeted a bombshell that might not have any significance at all, but will certainly cause people to run wild with speculation.

According to Chapman, the Olive Garden-loving coach is as good as gone for the head coaching gig with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The “messin’ ‘round” that he’s referring to goes back to this Tweet that is clearly a joke, based on the fact that it’s ridiculous, and if anyone believed that he was serious, they are just further cementing my belief that Twitter needs an IQ restriction.

But Chapman started a shitstorm of speculation with one simple Tweet and his #NoBS policy, so naturally people are asking Coach Cal about the Lakers while he says they should be asking him about next season at Kentucky.

All I know is that if it looks like a coach leaving a team for more money and quacks like a coach leaving a team for more money, then it’s usually the next Lakers coach. Or however that old saying goes.