With Leather's Watch This: Kevin Hart Remade Skee Lo's 'I Wish' With Some NBA Stars

If you’re like me, then you constantly wonder why people don’t talk about Skee Lo’s classic one-hit wonder “I Wish” that much anymore. I mean, we still play “Ice Ice Baby” and “U Can’t Touch This” all the time, and I even like to roll my windows down and crank Snow’s “Informer” from time to time to remind the neighborhood kids that I’m from the streets. Fortunately, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart teamed up with some NBA players to record this shorter version (no pun intended) of “I Wish” for the movie Ride Along, and now I’m going to be humming this wonderful song for the rest of the day.

Next up? Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage.”

NCAA Division III Football Championship: Mount Union vs. Wisconsin (Whitewater) – 7 PM ET on ESPNU

Sometimes I wish that I was the fan of a Division II or III football team. What a peaceful life that must be.

NBA: Rockets at Pacers – 8 PM ET on ESPN
NBA: Timberwolves at Lakers – 10:30 PM ET on ESPN

Some Boston Celtics players stopped by the Boston Children’s Hospital to spread some holiday cheer, and naturally they decided to have a sing along. Normally, when athletes sing, we’re quick to chastise them and smack them on the noses with rolled up song books, but when it’s for a good cause, they get a free pass. What’s interesting, though, is that it took me two viewings to realize that’s Celtics coach Brad Stevens in there with everyone and not just one of the kids.

(Via Deadspin)

NCAA FCS Football Tournament: New Hampshire at North Dakota State – 8 PM ET on ESPN2

Then again, if I had to live in North Dakota or New Hampshire, I’d probably change my mind about that whole being a fan of a Div. II or III team.

Women’s Hockey: USA vs. Canada – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

I might take a break from falling asleep on the couch tonight to watch this so I can dust off my old Manon Rheaume jokes.