With Leather’s Watch This: Gabriel Gonzaga’s Broken Hand Will Make Your Eyeballs Hurt

When all was said and done at UFC on Fox 10 in Chicago on Saturday night, UFC heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga just couldn’t hang for three rounds against the much more athletic Stipe Miocic. At least that’s how it seemed to those of us watching at home. It turns out, however, that Gonzaga broke his hand early on in the fight and wasn’t able to use it. So it’s more impressive that he lasted as long as he did against Miocic through what I assume what horrific pain. But why bother reading my sissy thoughts on the man’s broken hand when you can see it for yourself?

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NHL: Capitals at Sabres – 7:30 PM ET on NBC Sports

It seems like the Sabres are on every night. Put another team on, NBC, like the St. Louis Blues. Every night, please.

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