With Leather’s Watch This: Here’s A Last Second Nominee For Dad Of The Year

I’m assuming that if there’s an explanation out there for this video of a dad of the year nominee driving alongside his young son while shouting at him about football training, it’s that he “was just f*ckin’ with the boy, you p*ssy.” But I imagine that when more people see this video, it’s going to show up in my Facebook feed 600 times from UpWorthy, UTrend, Faithit, UpFaith, FaithTrend and TrendFaithyUp with an unbelievable headline that will make me change the way I feel about parenting.

Whatever the guy’s excuse is, though, he’s probably a swell guy.

(Via Sun Sentinel)

NBA: Pacers at Heat – 7 PM ET on ESPN
NBA: Bulls at Rockets – 9:30 PM ET on ESPN

Hey Bulls, I know you can’t be in tank mode, not with the expectations that your fans have. So if you want to at least try to hang with the Heat and Pacers and make a competitive run, I’ve got a used but fun Jameer Nelson here in Orlando that I can put you in today for the low price of a first round pick.

Also, looking at the standings, do you think Charlotte fans are like, “Wait, what? We’re in 6th?!?!”

NHL: Penguins at Rangers – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

I’ll be busy watching my brand new Ice Girls live feed that I paid a Blackhawks employee to set up for me.

NCAA Basketball
NC State at Tennessee – 7 PM ET on ESPNU
Texas at UNC – 7 PM ET on ESPN2
USF at St. John’s – 8 PM ET on FS1
LSU at Texas Tech – 9 PM ET on ESPNU
Stanford at UConn – 9 PM ET on ESPN2

It’s the perfect lineup of college basketball games to kick back and watch on the couch, but I will be watching the new episode of Person of Interest on my DVR, because I need to know how John is coping without Carter.