With Leather’s Watch This: Katie Nolan Told Rick Reilly Why You Don’t F*ck With Regis Philbin

Picking on ESPN writer Rick Reilly is pretty easy, because the guy and his “athlete money” career have become a laughing-stock in today’s media, thanks to his “misquoting” of his own father-in-law and begging Stuart Scott on air to give him credit for breaking news that wasn’t really news. But when ESPN’s overpaid clown prince of poetry decided to throw shade at a television icon like Regis Philbin during Super Bowl XLVIII’s media day, well, that sh*t’s not going to fly with most people.

Enter: Katie Nolan, who co-hosts the FS1 show Crowd Goes Wild with Philbin. The always-funny Nolan turned up the heat on Reilly with a quick rundown of the very same reasons that we all make fun of him for now, and she did it with the sort of icy dagger stare that turns most men into shameful blobs of misery. Well done, Katie. Nobody f*cks with Regis.

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From Chad Ford’s live NBA Chat on today, regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers: “Chemistry is a major issue there and some of that is on Mike Brown. But more of it is on the collection of players in Cleveland at the moment. Something has to happen quick. Kyrie Irving has been telling people privately he wants out. Cleveland can’t afford to lose him and LeBron.”

I’m not even a Cavs fan and that gave me the worst feeling in my gut. This is the bullsh*t legacy that David Stern has actually built for himself. A league full of guys who want to win now for the teams that will get them the most exposure. Might as well just contract 16 teams and save chumps like me the cash.

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So much college basketball to watch. Better warm up the oven and get a box of Totino’s Pizza Rolls ready.