With Leather’s Watch This: The Most Metal Soccer Goal Celebration You’ll See Today

All I know about this video are the basics: This was a recent match between Riolo Terme and Pontilcelli, and a player from that first Italian team scored a pretty easy goal on a blunder by the goalkeeper. The player’s teammates wanted to congratulate him, but he had his mind set on one thing the entire time, and he didn’t give a hunk of salami about giving out any high fives. All he wanted to do was put his face through the plexiglass shield on his team’s dugout. And he did it like it was nobody’s business. Take notes, kids, because this is what it looks like when an athlete sets a goal and literally puts his mind to it.

(Via Inside World Soccer)

2014 Winter Olympics Primetime: Figure skating, snowboarding and some other crap – 8 PM ET on NBC

Shaun White’s up in the snowboarding halfpipe. I don’t know if this already happened or not because I’ve been avoiding Twitter for this very reason. Go ahead and tell me if he won or not in the comments, because I won’t read what you vandals write anyway.

NCAA Basketball
Florida at Tenn – 7 PM ET on ESPN
Marquette at Seton Hall – 7 PM ET on FS1
OK State at Texas – 7 PM ET on ESPN2
Wake Forest at NC State – 7 PM ET on ESPNU
Michigan at Ohio State – 9 PM ET on ESPN
Ole Miss at Alabama – 9 PM ET on ESPNU
Xavier at Butler – 9 PM ET on FS1

I’ve now decided that when I win the billion dollar bracket prize, I’m going to start my own college so I can recruit my own football and basketball teams, and we’ll have the best players in the country because I’ll be so cool like, “What’s up, bros? Welcome to Party U. If you go to class, you fail.” I’ll be the coolest university president in the world.