With Leather’s Watch This: These Russian Hockey Stars Have Some Trick Shots, Too

You guys like trick shots? These Russian hockey stars have some pretty impressive trick shots for you, and I say that with supreme confidence because I never learned how to ice skate and therefore think that everything about hockey is tricky and hard. Brought to us by SpecialOne and MFIVE, these tricks are sure to wow everyone at your next house party, when you drunkenly bust out your hockey stick and try to smack two Coors Light bottles into the sink because it looked so easy when Ilya Kovalchuk did it with pucks while moving on ice. So please, try these at home.

And this one’s not really a trick shot, but Ilya Yezhov wants us to know that he can boogie down with the best of them.

NHL: Blackhawks at Red Wings – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

Will any of the players in this game show off some fancy trick shots for us? I doubt it. Bunch of jerks.

NBA: Thunder at Spurs – 8 PM ET on ESPN
NBA: Pacers at Suns – 10:30 PM ET on ESPN

Today on ESPN’s Number Never Lie, they asked if Kevin Durant is better than LeBron James RIGHT NOW, and I’m sure you give about as much of a sh*t as I do about that crap.

NCAA Basketball
Louisville at South Florida – 7 PM ET on ESPNU
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TCU at Oklahoma – 9 PM ET on ESPNU

Go teams.