LeBron’s Mom Will Look Beautiful When She Meets Jesus Tonight

11.03.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

It looks like nobody’s playing pro basketball on Christmas this year, but that hasn’t stopped Nike from handing out their annual “ugliest imaginable shoes” Christmas presents to their top players. The color-swapped kicks you see above are the 2011 LeBron James Christmas Shoes, purchased for LeBron out of charity when Nike was waiting in line at the store and overheard him coming up a little short on cash at the check-out counter. The lockout will do that to you.

I’ll let The Basketball Jones explain the pros and cons of whoever decided “red and green versions of your normal shoes” were a better idea than covering them in Charlie Brown faces or two-sizes-too-small Grinch print’s decision.

Nothing too exciting, but unmistakeably Christmas. It’s not bad that these aren’t super crazy shoes. These might be the most wearable Christmas shoes you’ll see, for that very reason. Everybody on the Milwaukee Bucks could rock these on opening night (RIP) and that would look totally normal.

For more on the shoes, check out this video report from our new basketball blogger, Bob Carlisle.

I knew that God had sent LeBron James to remind me … what basketball’s all about.

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