Les Miles Is Bringing His Good Friend Rick Ross To Perform At The Kansas Spring Game

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It’s been a long, long time since football at the University of Kansas was relevant. Since their last winning season in 2008, the Jayhawks have gone 23-97, including an 0-12 season in 2015. They’ve run through three coaches since Mark Mangino’s final season in 2009, and made Les Miles their fourth when they hired the former LSU head honcho in an effort lead a turnaround that the program desperately needs.

While what kind of product will jog onto the field for the 2019 season remains an unknown, Miles has already succeeded in another era: generating buzz.

In a video posted to Miles’ Twitter account, Miles can be found making a call to rapper Rick Ross to try and get him to perform at KU’s “Late Night Under The Lights” event, which features the team’s spring game prefaced by a handful of other events leading up to kick-off.

After getting confirmation from Ross, Miles proceeds to dance to “I’ma Boss,” then says things like “this is your boy Mad Hatter,” “this place is getting lit,” and “I got my icee on, I know you got your icee on.” Kansas’ season may not be all that thrilling on the field, but Miles is guaranteed to keep things weird off it.

Kansas’ “Late Nate Under The Lights,” now featuring Rick Ross, can be seen on ESPN+ on April 13.