Leslie Jones Made Her Televised Rio Olympics Debut On Saturday Night

Leslie Jones’s Olympic time has arrived. The Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star impressed NBC execs so much with her howlingly funny takes on the Olympics that came straight from her Twitter page that they enlisted her to head on down to Brazil and join their team. And on Saturday night, she appeared alongside Ryan Seacrest for the network’s Olympic Late Night show.

Jones made it to Rio on Thursday and picked right back up where she left off.

According to Deadline, NBC cracked the 1.3 billion live streaming minutes barrier on Friday night, which is not only more than the network accumulated in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012 combined, it’s also a massive number in which to present the hilarious and unique stylings of Jones. There are a few truckloads of regular sporting commentators and talking heads on the ground in Rio, but none of them are employing the saying “Slay All Day” or getting the reception that Jones is from the athletes.

Jones, who has attended track and field, beach volleyball and swimming events around Rio since her arrival there, has been able to weave some fairly timely commentary into her experience as well.

There’s still a week left to go before the sun sets on the Summer Games for another four years. It’s feels safe to assume that Jones will make these next seven days even more entertaining.

(via Deadline)