Lil Wayne Brought His Predictions And Diamonds To The ‘College GameDay’ Set

Lil Wayne showed up on College GameDay today as the show’s celebrity guest picker. It made sense to get Weezy since the show was in Baton Rouge for LSU vs. Alabama and the New Orleans native had a concert in town on Friday. Plus Lil Wayne is ESPN’s resident “celebrity who loves sports and is really good at discussing them on camera,” so of course he was going to get picked for the job on Saturday.

Wayne didn’t really dive into his picks, but he was generally in agreement with the rest of the GameDay crew while he rocked a Leonard Fournette LSU No. 7 jersey. The best part, though, came when Lee Corso noticed Wayne’s ring. Corso asked if it was real or fake, and when he found out that obviously it was a real piece of bling, he grabbed it off of Wayne’s hand. Everyone was giggly for the rest of the segment, because Lee Corso asking Lil Wayne if his ring was fake before pretending to steal said ring is hilarious.

Eventually, Weezy got his ring back and showed it off while Corso made his headgear pick – Corso picked the Tigers to upset the Crimson Tide.

ESPN really needs to make a show that’s just an hour of Lee Corso and Lil Wayne hanging out with one another, because this was fun.