Here’s How Former Porn Star Lisa Ann Used Twitter To Hook Up With Athletes

Former adult film star Lisa Ann has a pretty deep connection to the world of sports. Not only is the ex-porn star currently working as fantasy sports guru — she hosts two weekly fantasy sports shows on Sirius XM — but she has also been romantically involved with several athletes over the years, as well.

Last year, the 43-year-old was rumored to be dating Notre Dame wide receiver Justin Brent. She also claimed to have gone at it with a Golden State Warriors player not so long ago, and she publicly (and hilariously) put NHLer Michael Del Zotto on blast for attempting to use her as a dating service.

In a recent feature by Fox Sports, Ann opened up about her past hook ups with athletes and, as you’d probably imagine, she had some interesting things to say. Unfortunately, she apparently sticks to the “don’t kiss and tell” rule because she refused to name any names. That means it’s on you to form your own hypotheses here.

“She’s different,” a professional athlete and former lover told me. “She’s the type of person who takes command. If I need advice I’ll call her, and I listen to what she tells me.”

Over the years she stayed in touch with her conquests and has become so intertwined with certain franchises that her love affairs have gained her unprecedented access.

She went on to tell Fox’s Flinder Boyd about the time she was present as a NBA star was traded.

Another time, she’d had an ongoing relationship with a veteran and multi-time NBA All-Star. They laid in bed together one day watching “SportsCenter” only to see his name scroll across the bottom of the screen announcing his trade. He looked down to see his phone had died during their romp and immediately jumped out of bed in a frantic state.

Although she’s clearly had quite a bit of success at pursuing athletes, Boyd asked Ann if any athlete had ever turned her down, to which he got this reply.

“Well, there was this one time,” she begins. “I couldn’t get this player’s attention. I tried everything. So I decided to go to (an NBA) game with two Playboy bunnies at my side. I looked like this tiny little girl next to them. But at halftime the team assistant came up to me and said, ‘[He] wants to meet you after the game.’ I got my guy.” She winks.

She cited Twitter as the go-to place to meet and link up with the pros.

Twitter has become her de facto dating service. She’ll meet players — or more to the point, select players — by following them, and within two or three days, she says, they’ll follow back and leave their number in a direct message before often unfollowing her.

There’s plenty more worth reading in Boyd’s piece, which pulls back the curtain a bit on what “retirement” is like for the world’s most popular ex-porn star.

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