Live From New York! It's Herp A Derp Derp!

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04.16.12 5 Comments

If you had a chance to catch Saturday Night Live this weekend, then I’m sure you noticed the Jay Z parody sketch that would have been funny 3 years ago same cutting edge humor that New York’s finest always deliver. Tucked away in the first hour of this week’s show was the host card for the next episode on May 5, and the honor of awkwardly attempting to deliver Gilly sketch lines from a cue card is New York Giants quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. It’s like a gift from the gods of unintentional comedy.

Back in February, we mentioned that Green Bay Packers QB and guy I’d like to be best friends with Aaron Rodgers was in consideration for hosting duties, but apparently the Discount Double Check is just too fresh in our minds to parody right now. Instead, the SNL writing team can work with seasoned material like Manning’s proud daddy or how he helped win Super Bowl XLII.

Eli will, of course, be held to the standard set by his big brother Peyton Manning, who delivered undoubtedly the best hosting performance by an athlete in the show’s history. And that praise only comes for one reason – the United Way sketch.

So now thanks to SNL, every knob job sports writer and First Take guest is going to have a throbbing 4-inch erection over a new reason to compare Eli and Peyton, so we all have that to look forward to. But I have gut feeling that Eli’s – and pretty much any athlete you want to shove into 30 Rock – show is going to look more like this…

FACT: Channing Tatum playing Tom Brady is more convincing than Tom Brady playing Tom Brady.

(As always, a million apologies to our foreign readers shackled by Hulu’s xenophobic oppression.)

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