Love Is Dead: Jenna Jameson And Tito Ortiz Are Breaking Up (Over Jon ‘Bones’ Jones)

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11.14.12 19 Comments

Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz

The honeymoon is over. After a 2010 spent mostly accusing each other of abuse and painkiller addiction and several extremely public attempts to whimper about how sad they are with each other on the Internet, it looks like UFC Hall Of Famer Tito Ortiz and Adult Video News Hall Of Famer Jenna Jameson are calling it quits.

Okay, they probably aren’t, but Cage Potato caught a great exchange between Jenna and a popular UFC fighter who is … not exactly Tito Ortiz.

Jenna Jameson Jon Bones Jones

That could be innocent, right? Jenna Jameson has spent a lot of time in Vegas, likes the UFC and probably calls everyone she knows “babe”. Gives them nose-smileys, too.

This tweet followed those, five days later:

The whole thing reeks of that lady you know who posts something vague like “tired of being hurt” on Facebook and then never explain it so people will respond with, “what’s the matter, hon?” or whatever, but yeah … love is dead, and if we live in a world where Amy Poehler and Will Arnett separate and Jenna Jameson can’t find true love with fewer than two UFC superstars, what hope does a guy like me have?

None. I have no hope.

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