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Here’s some video footage from the club where Adam “Pacman” Jones famously made it rain during the NBA’s All Star Weekend in 2007. The video, which abruptly ends before the alleged shooting of three club employees takes place, was used as evidence in the trial of Arvin Edwards, the gunman allegedly connected to Jones.

Jones told police he arrived at the club with “close to $100,000.” He took $40,000 out of his Louis Vuitton bag and exchanged it for several stacks of $1 bills, which he put in a black trash bag, according to his statement. So much money was thrown onto the main stage that dancers, after their sets, started filling buckets with the loose bills covering the stage.

“Don’t start getting the money until I tell y’all to get off the stage,” Dupri said. “… Just keep f—ing dancing! Don’t bend down and try to get your money.”

And that’s when, according to the report, Jones grabbed one of the dancers by the hair and punched her in the face. Jones was “forcibly removed” from the club. I guess punching strippers in the face hasn’t really caught on out west yet.

Jones and his entourage were thrown out of the club. Moments later, prosecutors say, a lone gunman — a man they say was Edwards — stepped from behind a palm tree at the front of the club and opened fire.

Pacman, who no longer wishes to be called Pacman, was released by the Cowboys in February, and may not see the field this year, or ever again. He’s not under suspension at the moment, but it’s still mid-July. You gotta give the kid time to work his way into midseason form. The Bengals would certainly be in the market for a stripper-puncher. That sounds like a piece of office equipment, doesn’t it?


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