Manny Pacquiao And Floyd Mayweather Exchanged Numbers At A Miami Heat Game

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As everyone gears up for next weekend’s big Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in Las Vegas, the two are making the rounds in the press to stir things up. We haven’t really seen any antagonistic displays between the two fighters, but there’s been plenty of joking. Like when Manny Pacquiao told host Jimmy Kimmel last night about how he and Floyd Mayweather exchanged numbers at a Miami Heat game.

Pacquiao: He gave me his phone number and I gave him my phone number.

Kimmel: One thing lead to another.

How cute! Though considering the domestic violence controversy Mayweather stirred up in a CNN interview last September, perhaps joking about the pair’s budding bromance on the court isn’t the best course of action.

It’s still a pretty good interview. Pacquiao gave Kimmel some promotional merchandise, including a skull cap for winter weather because, you know, Los Angeles gets pretty cold this time of year.

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