Watch This March Madness Fan Spruce Up A Mundane Trip To Target With His Girlfriend

03.31.15 4 years ago 6 Comments

A trip to Target with your girlfriend is something guys in a relationship go through every now and then. Usually, the next trip begins as soon as the previous one ends. You get home, you realize you forgot something, and a new list is born. As someone who loathes how generally mundane a listed trip to Target can be, I think I may have found myself a new hero.

With March Madness still in full-swing, Qias Omar spruced up his latest trip to Target with his girlfriend the only way he knew how; by showing off some of his greatest basketball moves, as well as recreating some of the best plays of the tournament’s past.

When you’re finishing a power slam over your defender, a boob getting in the way is simply collateral damage as far as I’m concerned.


No NCAA tournament recreation is complete without calling a timeout when you don’t have any left.



His girlfriend looked annoyed at times, but that’s to be expected. Overall, she was a great sport about it. That’s how you know you’ve found a keeper.

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