March Morbidity Savage 16: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

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The NCAA Tournament’s Cinderella hopes might have been dashed when Georgia State was bounced, but we’ve still got a few darling death scenes alive and well in our movie death scenes tournament. With the polls now closed from the second round of this delightfully violent, March Madness-inspired competition, the people have spoken and only the bloodiest and most absurd action-ish movie death scenes have taken the leap to the next round, including all four of the No. 1 seeds. There are no Villanovas in this spectacular tourney of blood and guts.

There are, however, some serious underdog contenders, as No. 11 Riddick and No. 13 Dredd from the 10s region are making a case for a better seeding system, while No. 15 Deep Blue Sea is not only winning in the 90s region, but it is destroying its competition. You could almost say it’s like a shark that is eating its opponents while Thomas Jane looks on like he’s never seen a man be eaten by a genetically-engineered shark. Round 3 begins today, so vote with your massive, grenade-pin-spitting cojones. The polls close tomorrow night and the E-lethal Eight will be here on Wednesday morning.

Movie Death Scenes Round 3 80s

Movie Death Scenes Round 3 90s

Movie Death Scenes Round 3 10s