Mark Zuckerberg Continued His Subtle Presidential Campaign By Riding With Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Rumors persist about Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg mounting a run for the presidency for 2020, even while he publicly denies it. However, Zuckeberg is in the midst of a cross-country “tour” of sorts, visiting with various groups of people in interesting portions of the United States with the idea to build community.

That trip took Zuckerberg to Charlotte on Tuesday and part of his trip included a NASCAR lesson and driving session with Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. As you can see above, the pair spent several minutes discussing the community around NASCAR and the sports world in general before embarking on a speedy trip around the oval.

Zuckerberg found out quickly that airing a conversation while riding in a speedy stock car probably wasn’t the best idea but he then took the wheel and shed some light on his first experience in that atmosphere. The specifics from there aren’t terribly important beyond one’s fascination with a first-timer inside a NASCAR automobile but one thing appears certain. Mark Zuckerberg really wants to broaden his horizons in an attempt to learn about the lives operated by others and, even if that is a more innocent backdrop, it certainly would fit the profile of someone positioning himself for broader aspirations in less than four years.