These ‘Clueless Gamer’ Outtakes Remind Us That Marshawn Lynch Is The Best ‘Conan’ Guest Of All Time

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Even though Marshawn Lynch wasn’t a participant in Super Bowl 50, when Conan O’Brien resumed his tradition of inviting stars from the upcoming game to play videogames with him, he couldn’t keep Beast Mode away. He’s just too entertaining when you put a controller in his hand. He may have hung the cleats up for good (emphasis on “may have”), but he’s a natural on the talk-show circuit.

Just like when Lynch showed up to play a Call of Duty game, he said so many entertaining things while playing DOOM that Conan’s team just had to put together another outtakes reel. It seems like everything he said cracked up Conan, Josh Norman and Von Miller, but it seems like he’s actually a really good gamer. He’s got some good moves in DOOM, and he knows how to stunt after a particularly vicious kill.

As much as we love Andy Richter, how amazing would it be if Lynch was just Conan’s permanent sidekick? Beast Mode would add a flair that no one on TV possesses, and like Marshawn said about riding through the streets of Oakland, “If you come with me, then you solid though.” Truer words have never been spoken.

(Via Team Coco)