Von Miller, Josh Norman, And Marshawn Lynch Enter ‘Doom’ On The Super Bowl Edition Of ‘Clueless Gamer’

Doom has been in the lexicon of videogames for longer than Conan has been on TV. Over two decades of hell-borne demons screaming at you and trying to tear off your face, all because you opened a portal to Hell on one of Mars’ moons. Silly humans. Despite Doom‘s long history, it’s been over ten years since Doom 3 hit PC and the original Xbox. There have been remasters and re-releases, but it’s been far too long since a proper Doom game.

Now we know that Friday, May 13th will be the release date for Doom 4. Old and new fans of the series will be able to wade through gore and flesh, but first, because of a Super Bowl tradition, Conan O’Brien, shutdown cornerback Josh Norman of the Carolina Panthers and Von Miller of the Denver Broncos will meet up in a Marriot conference room to play Doom 4 before anyone else.

Faces are melted, demons are killed, gore covers the walls of various corridors and Von Miller mocks Conan’s love for Tom Brady as if he himself emerged from the pits of hell.

*Quick red wine tasting.*

There are also funny hats that are worn, and a special guest appearance by the greatest Clueless Gamer guest ever, Marshawn Lynch.

(Via TeamCoco)