Martellus Bennett Got An Ankle Injury And Asked Himself ‘What Would Luke Cage Do?’

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10.09.16 5 Comments

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Martellus Bennett is like a lot of people in that he really, really loves Luke Cage. It appears that when the Patriots’ tight end has some free time, he likes watching Netflix’s newest hit show about the Marvel superhero.

Both of Bennett’s passions – Luke Cage and playing football – came together on Sunday afternoon. Bennett picked up an ankle injury during New England’s 33-13 thrashing of Cleveland, and it apparently hurt him so badly that he was asked if he needed to get carted off the field. Instead, he turned to Luke Cage and found the motivation to keep going on. A quick warning that Bennett uses some NSFW language, but it’s still hilarious.

Bennett’s a tough dude, but even the toughest people sometimes need to dig deep for inspiration when they pick up an injury. He just found that inspiration in a unique place and articulated that he looked to Luke Cage in a way that was absolutely hilarious.

This may not have been the only place where Bennett got inspired by the show on Sunday, as his stat line against the Browns showed that he was a complete monster. In Tom Brady‘s first game back from a suspension, the Patriots’ “other” tight end caught six balls for 67 yards and three touchdowns.

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