This Boxer Was Stretchered Out Of The Ring After Being Brutally Knocked Out Cold

Friday night’s ShoBox: The New Generation event on Showtime featured a Knockout of the Year candidate that will make your reeth rattle just watching it. Lightweight prospect Mason Menard out of Louisiana delivered a vicious overhand right that knocked his opponent, Eudy Bernardo, out cold before he even hit the canvas.

The third round haymaker brought the second knockdown of the night for Menard (31-1, 23 KO), and obviously Bernardo (21-1, 15 KO) wasn’t going to get up after a shot like that. The fight was called and emergency medical staff put Bernardo into a neck brace and onto a stretcher before transporting him to a nearby facility as a precautionary measure.

Forunately, Bernardo was awake and responsive and seems to be doing okay as a result of the brutal knockout. Considering how much it hurts just to watch the heavy punch land on his face, I can’t imagine he’s feeling all that great this morning.