Matt Barkley Lost A Bet And Had To Dance At Midfield In His Underwear

11.22.15 3 years ago

When it comes to warming up, there’s some light stretching and jogging, and then there’s this: Arizona Cardinals’ backup quarterback Matt Barkley warmed up for Sunday night’s Cardinals-Bengals game by dancing at midfield in nothing but his underwear and some towels.

While the first thought is that the former USC quarterback might have lost a bet as the Trojans fell to Oregon on Saturday 48-28, a closer inspection revealed that nobody on the current Arizona roster went to Oregon. It seemed unlikely it was the work of rookie Jake Fisher, an offensive tackle on the Bengals, as he’s only a rookie and Barkley’s been out of USC for three years now.

But then, an update!

Word out of the press corp is that Barkley lost an accuracy contest at practice this week, and the punishment was the spectacle you see above. If you’re interested in pulling a Matt Barkley for next Halloween, note that he wore a trash bag vest and two towels as chaps. Great look, Matt.

Looks like fellow USC alum and starting Cardinals QB Carson Palmer still has a lot to teach the younger Barkley about being an NFL quarterback. We didn’t see him out there dancing after all.

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