Matt Cooke: Still A Jerk

02.07.11 8 years ago 6 Comments

In Sunday’s game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals, sh-t went down when notorious asshat Matt Cooke stuck out his knee to flip Alex Ovechkin onto his face. Immediately, play stopped, and a giant group hug immediately occurred in Pittsburgh’s zone. I’m pretty sure all the players just wanted to tell the other team how they were doing such a great job and putting in so much effort. Who says the NHL isn’t welcoming and accessible?

Video after the jump.

This season, especially after the HBO series leading up to the Winter Classic between the two teams, Pittsburgh and Washington have been really intense in their games. That series was so good, it made Sidney Crosby not look like a jackass! Cooke still was, however.

I don’t really feel bad for Ovechkin, who has been known to have some dirty hits of his own. Either way, however, Cooke will probably be facing some kind of fine or suspension. There’s always the chance, however, that Gary Bettman does nothing but sit on his hands. He really loves those “strangers.”

The only dirty hits I’ve had are on that mixtape interspersed with sounds of me masturbating I made your mom. I know musicians call that talking between songs skits, but I call them “skeets.”

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