Nick Fairley Is Playing Dirty Again, This Time With A Cheap Shot To Matthew Stafford’s Face

Associate Editor
12.04.16 2 Comments

Saints defensive lineman Nick Fairley has a reputation for cheap shotting opponents that dates back to his college days. While he is a talented lineman, that gets forgotten because he doesn’t control his emotions from time to time.

An example of this happened on Sunday, when Fairley got into the backfield and hit Matthew Stafford. While Stafford was on the ground, Fairley grabbed his former teammate by his face mask, pulled it, and propelled himself up. Stafford was furious, because this is the kind of play that deserves to be penalized, but Fairley didn’t get flagged. Here it is from another angle:

The Fox broadcast called this “not necessary,” which is something of an understatement.

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