Mayhem Miller’s Latest Arrest Happened Over Snapchat

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09.12.13 4 Comments

We like to link you to things we’ve written previously about topics of interest in the intro paragraph, but former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller has done so much irrational, ridiculous shit lately we might be able to fit it on the page. In the last calendar year and change he’s gotten arrested for “falsely imprisoning” his sister in a headlock, gotten arrested for domestic abuse, apologized for that arrest in the weirdest-possible Rastafarian terms, called the UFC fake and got arrested two more times in the same month. That entire paragraph is red, isn’t it?

The interesting thing about his most recent arrest is that it happened because of Snapchat. Yes, Snapchat, the phone app that allows for photo-based texts that vanish forever after ten seconds and mostly exists so guys can send ladies unsolicited dick-pix and not get in trouble for it.

Here’s a rundown of the ‘Attack On Titan’-esque court proceedings, courtesy of

Jason Miller was arrested at approximately 3:15 PM PST [Monday] at the conclusion of his first hearing in an ongoing domestic violence case in Southern California. He was taken into custody by the Orange County Sherif’s Department after the alleged victim revealed a snapchat video to the court of him saying “I love you.” Since snapchat messages are designed to disappear from the recipient’s phone seconds after viewing them the alleged victim waited until the hearing to open the message in front of the district attorney to bolster the veracity of her claims. Unfortunately for Mr. Miller although the contents of the message were completely benign in nature, under the provisions of the protective order, any communications from Mr. Miller to the alleged victim are strictly prohibited. The judge deemed Mr. Miller in violation of the protective order and as a result the DA asked that the bond amount be raised an additional $15 thousand, however Judge Andre Manssourian, apparently wishing to drive a point home with Mr. Miller, ordered the bail be set at $200 thousand.

Mayhem posted bail at approximately 10:40 PM [Monday] night and was set to attend a second hearing this morning. Upon arriving at the court house our field reporters were informed that the hearing date had been moved to October 10th to allow Mr. Miller time to secure private counsel after he had opted to release his public defender from her duties.

Is there a worse way to get arrested for using a smartphone app? If Mayhem gets arrested next month for spelling out “MURDER” in Words With Friends, I’m tapping out. Checking into “jail” on Foursquare?

Speaking of that, Mayhem’s already posting “jail art” on Twitter.

Somebody needs to sign Mayhem Miller vs. War Machine immediately. “The Battle Of Who Can F*ck Up Most,” live on pay-per-view.

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