Meet The Bro Who Is Dragging A Giant Pair Of Boobs Across Antarctica For Charity

Antarctica is suddenly becoming a hot spot for giant breasts, as it started with Kate Upton and Sports Illustrated taking a trip to the South Pole to shoot the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and will continue with one man’s strange-but-awesome quest to break a world record. Specifically, adventurer Geoff Wilson is currently training for a November expedition to Antarctica, where he will set out to break the world record for a solo trip covering more than 1,675 miles of ice and, presumably, penguin doodies.

Why in God’s name would Wilson do something this insane when the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas is running awesome specials for winter months? He’s doing it for charity, of course. Wilson’s actual goal is to raise $1 million for breast cancer awareness and the McGrath Foundation with his “Pink Polar Expedition” that will feature him dragging a giant pair of pink breasts with him on his journey.

Wilson will be traveling alone, using only skis and kites, dragging a fiberglass “boob sled” full of enough survival supplies for 80 days. The 400-pound breasts are actually modeled after Wilson’s wife bust, the expedition’s Facebook page explains.

Inspired by friend and breast cancer survivor, Kate Carlyle, Wilson aims to raise $1 million Australian dollars for the McGrath Foundation charity. Named “The Pink Polar Expedition,” Wilson hopes his adventure will encourage young women to check their breasts and be aware of breast cancer risks. (Via NBC News)

In case it’s not implied, a nearly-1,700-mile voyage across Antarctica in November is incredibly dangerous and just downright f*cking insane, but Wilson has already crossed the Sahara and Simpson Deserts, so he’s pretty confident that he can bang this trip out with little problem. Plus, it’s for a great cause and all, so we wish him and his giant pair of pink breasts the best on his voyage.