Meet The Man Who Killed Swagger

Two questions and their appropriate answers —

Q: If a man dresses in enormous footie pajamas, can he still dunk?

A: Yes.

Q: If he calls his baby onesie a “swagger suit”, does that make it cool?


Here we see Milwaukee Bucks forward and University of Washington alum Jon Brockman having a lonely fashion show in a “Swagga Suit” for Washington student company “SWAG”. To commemorate the event, Brockman is changing his name to Swagger S. McSwaggerson, middle name Swagger, because a 6-foot-7 white guy in the Washington state dunking by himself in purple long-johns that make him look like he’s cosplaying Tinky Winky is the official f**king chilled death of the word “swagger”, and for safety reasons Jon is now the only man allowed to say or think it.

Seriously, swagger has become an epidemic, and much in the way that my generation turned “awesome” into a synonym for “okay”, people today have turned swagger into a synonym for “walking upright and maintaining consciousness”. If this is swagger in any definition, I would like to remain swaggerless for the rest of my life.

Two more pictures of this abomination are after the jump.

[via Beantown Banter]

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