Metta Brings Peace To The World Of Roaches (And Friday Morning Links)

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02.03.12 3 Comments

Let’s find out what the Lakers are looking foar to! (h/t to That NBA Lottery Pick)

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First Look: NBA All-Star 2012 Jerseys – People are complaining that these are too plain, but I like them. ASG jerseys shouldn’t look like Kobe Bryant’s Christmas shoes, they should be blue and red and say “east” and “west”. [Smoking Section]

The 15 Best Ads of the 2012 Super Bowl So Far – My favorite ad so far is the one that plays the entire Rancor scene from Return Of The Jedi and says EAT DORITOS at the end. [Warming Glow]

14 Photos of Alex Ovechkin’s New $4.2 Million Mansion – So hey, now that you’ve got a cool new house and Sidney Crosby’s brain is a glass of milk, you uh, think you could get us past round one of the playoffs? [Brobible]

lana del reyThe Best Football Fan Raps – Too bad the “fan” part disqualifies the Super Bowl Shuffle, that’s still the best half-assed football rap of all time. [Adult Swim]

Video Of The Day: Chael Sonnen Opens Up To Dr. Phil – I like that MMA only has two personality types: “nearly illiterate” and “Brian Wilson”. [Cage Potato]

26 Meanest Quotes From Reviews Of Lana Del Rey’s New Album – I think she just exists so people can take pictures of her smoking cigarettes. [Buzzfeed]

People With Lana Del Rey Lips: 15 Celebrities Get Pouty Upgrades – You chose to be famous for being the world’s stupidest Nancy Sinatra and haing a monster’s face, Lizzy, this hate and backlash is all your fault. [UPROXX]

30 Funny, Catty, and Bitter Twitter Reactions To DC’s “Before Watchmen” Announcement – 28 of these are from me. My Hooded Justice costume didn’t make the cut, but I’m showing up in a cosplay post, so hey. [Gamma Squad]

Remember when Michael Shannon was in Groundhog Day? Hint: He loved Wrestlemania. – The character with whom I identify most in Groundhog Day. [Film Drunk]

11 Reasons Andie MacDowell Is The Most Underrated Romcom Lead Ever – Reason 12: that shampoo she uses makes her hair look voluminous! [Moviefone]

UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘The Limited’ With Executive Producer Matt Thompson – Very cool stuff is happening at UPROXX. Go earn a badge that doesn’t say “poopies” on it. [UPROXX|

15 Celebrities Doing Cheesy Print Ads – I like that Tara Reid gets credited for a Josie And The Pussycats print ad but not Rachel Leigh Cook or Rosario Dawson. At least those two have worked in the last five years. [Unreality]

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