Are The Marlins Pumping Fart Noises Into Their Stadium?

miami marlins
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The Miami Marlins and Washington Nationals are division rivals, even though only the Nats have a realistic shot at making the playoffs, so it only stands to reason that when Washington visits Miami, they wouldn’t have the warmest welcome. And yet, something about broadcasting fart noises while the visiting team takes batting practice might be breaking an unwritten rule of baseball. One can’t be sure, considering the rules are, ya know, unwritten, but this doesn’t seem cool:

How rude, Marlins. Hilarious, but still rude. And much like a fraternity brother who suffered the same fate, the Nationals weren’t going to take their farting treatment lying down:

Okay, so it’s not exactly retalation, but sometimes you just have to turn the other cheek. (Butts.)