Here’s Conor McGregor-Approved Irish Boxer Michael Conlan Crushing His Opponent

Michael Conlan was walked out by Conor McGregor in his second professional boxing match and despite being in hundreds of amateur boxing matches and one of the most hyped prospects in all of boxing, it’ll be hard for him to be more than “the guy who McGregor walked out,” at least for now. But, he’s on his way to making a name for himself as he stopped his third opponent in three pro fights on the Pacquiao-Horn undercard.

He didn’t crush the can, Jarrett Owen, as quickly as expected, but a flurry of body shots left him reeling and trying to survive. As he covered up his midsection, Conlan unloaded up top and caused Owen’s corner to throw in the towel. Like that, Conlan racked up an easy win in front of a huge audience on ESPN. Now he’s just that loud-mouthed Irish guy who boxes. Wait, that’s Conor McGregor.

Ironically, Conlan called himself “the Conor McGregor of boxing” a few years ago after a wild rant, now he can’t even be that, considering Conor McGregor is now the Conor McGregor of boxing. The poor Irish lad can’t win. Well, he can, consistently, but it’s just going to be hard for him to rise above McGregor in a sport that is 100 percent his, ironically.