Remembering Michael Vick’s Most Electrifying Moments In Honor Of His Retirement

02.03.17 2 years ago

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Michael Vick was once the most electrifying player in the NFL. When he was the starting quarterback for the Falcons from 2002-2006, there wasn’t a player in the league that could do what he did with his combination of speed, agility and arm talent.

Vick changed the NFL and then, in the midst of his prime, he was gone to serve two years in prison for the terrible acts of animal cruelty for his role in a dog fighting ring. He returned in 2009 with the Eagles, where he spent five seasons before a year with the Jets and a year with the Steelers, but never quite regained the magic he had in Atlanta.

Vick hasn’t been in the NFL since 2015 and officially announced his retirement on Friday. His career will be one we look back on with awe for the things he did on the field, anger for what he did to those dogs and the permanent question of “what if” had he not spent three full years out of the league.

For someone growing up in Atlanta at the time as I was, Vick was a legend. In real life, he did things we’d never seen in the NFL and he also happens to be the most dominant football video game character of all-time (Madden 04). Here’s a quick look back at his five most electrifying moments from his NFL career.

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