Miesha Tate Wants Women To Celebrate Movember With ‘Muffvember’

If you’re like me, you can do 14 pushups in the time it takes you to make a plate of tacquitos and you couldn’t grow a mustache to save your life. That’s why “Movember” is typically the saddest time of year for me, because it has always been a dream of mine to grow a Rollie Fingers and then eventually turn that into a Sam Elliott circa Tombstone. But for women it’s even worse because they don’t get to participate at all. Well, at least not intentionally*.

Well, worry no more, those of the fairer sex. UFC fighter Miesha Tate has a solution for all women who want to take part in Movember, except she’s thinking more south of the border. That’s right, she wants all the girls to celebrate Muffvember.


If I walked into Tate’s home right now and she didn’t have a rack of shot glasses with funny sayings on them and at least one Female Body Inspector shirt, I’d be shocked.

*Don’t be ashamed of your friend, ladies. Tom, Tom Selleck.