The Indians Refuse To Trade Mike Aviles While His Daughter Battles Leukemia

Mike Aviles
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This must be an Ohio thing. First it was the support Devon Still and his daughter, Leah, received from the Cincinnati Bengals.

Now it’s the Cleveland Indians showing some empathy and support for a player struggling with his own daughter’s battle with cancer.

The team has refused to include Indians infielder Mike Aviles in any trades, even though he is drawing interest from multiple teams. The reason is fairly simple: Aviles’ daughter Adriana was diagnosed with leukemia in May and the team preferred not to add more stress to the family’s life during a trying time.

This isn’t the first time the team has showed their support for Aviles. Earlier in the season, as a show of solidarity with Adriana, the team’s players and coaches shaved their heads. Adriana will lose her hair when she undergoes chemotherapy treatments.

Good on the Cleveland Indians for showing that even though professional sports is a rough and tumble business, it doesn’t hurt to show a little kindness once in a while.
(Larry Brown Sports)